NOTICE – Beware of Fraud
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NOTICE – Beware of Fraud

May 17, 2017


Dear Valued Customers:

We recently learned of a potential fraud scheme targeting Aakash Chemicals.  The party that is
attempting the fraud has registered a website and corresponding email addresses that are very
similar to Aakash Chemical’s, but with an intentional misspelling of the website (chemCIals
instead of chemICals).

The alleged perpetrators of the fraud have begun emailing parties with
an email address that looks to be from Aakash Chemical asking for wire payment and/or
instructions to be changed.

If you receive any emails claiming to be Aakash Chemicals and requesting payment details be
changed, please ignore and delete. Please be advised that Aakash Chemicals has NOT
changed our payment details.

Thank you for your help and support,

Scott A Fink
Aakash Chemicals & Dye Stuffs, Inc.